Day Events are ideal for families and people of all ages to complete at their own pace (plan on at least 2-3 hours). Discover a new area–or one in "your own backyard."

Group Walks are ideal for people who do not want to walk alone. You are sure to find someone who will be walking at your pace. Dates and locations will be posted when the Group Walk Coordinator schedules the walks.

Seasonal Walks/Year Round Events are self-guided, mapped routes that lend themselves to exploring scenic and historic highpoints of an area while traveling or in your local area whenever they fit into your schedule. Over 1,400 nationwide Year-Round Events are listed in the American Volkssport Association's book Starting Point.

Check out the calendar below. It includes walks throughout the Northeast Region. Walk 'n Mass walks are identified with WM in the title, followed by a code for the type of walk. For example - WM-GW is a group walk and WM-TE is a traditional/day event.

The complete list of calendar abreviations can be found on the Volksmarch Club at West Point page.


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