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Frequently Asked Questions


What do the trail route/ratings mean?
The following trail rating system is used to indicate the degree of difficulty of a trail for the AVA sanctioned walk.


1 –  

2 –  

3 –  

4 –  

5 –  


Very small hills or very little stair climbing. Probably suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

Some moderate hills and stair climbing. Probably suitable for strollers. May not be suitable for wheelchairs.

Some significant hill or stair climbing. Not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.

Lots of significant hills or stair climbing.

Many steep hills.

A –  

B –  

C –  

D –  

E –  

Part 2 – TERRAIN

Almost entirely on pavement.

A significant part of the route is on well-groomed trails with very few obstacles.

A significant part of the route is on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths or soft sand.)

A significant part of the route is on very difficult terrain.

The majority of the route is on very difficult terrain.



A route that is mostly on flat pavement would be rated 1A.
A beach walk would be rated 1C.
A route with moderate hills on well groomed trails would be rated 2B.
A trail over a mountainous region with loose soil, roots, & across rocky streams might be rated 5E.

Precautions: (Please be aware that weather conditions will cause a variance in the trail rating. Inclement weather or an unexpected hot or cold day can increase the degree of difficulty of a trail, so each participant should adjust their pace accordingly). It is advisable to carry water to all walking events. It is possible to become dehydrated in cold weather as well as in hot weather. It is always the goal in the AVA to provide the participant with a safe and enjoyable event. You alone know your own limits.


is available for the nominal cost of $15.00 yearly. Club members are all ages, enjoy physical activity, socializing, and visiting different sites. Contact Chuck at 781-275-0464, or Margo at 508-222-1152. Use our Membership Form.



Volkssporting is a fast growing American Activity. It originated in Europe over 30 years ago in response to the need for outdoor activity for all ages, free from competition. Translated from German, it means “the sport of the people.” The hallmark of volkssporting is to promote physical fitness by providing opportunities for fun-filled, safe exercise in a stress free environment.

A unique aspect of volkssporting is the Achievement Award Program whereby volkssporters are recognized for the number of events completed (walk, bike, swim, ski or skate) and/or the distance accomplished. This program is governed by the international organization, Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV). To take advantage of the program, a nominal amount ($3.00) covers the cost of recording credit. Another unique feature is the event memento plus credit usually available for $4.00 to $8.00.

Volkssporting events sponsored by local clubs are available in every state in the United States and in numerous countries worldwide. If you are looking for a club or walk in a particular area, please contact our national organization, the American Volkssport Association (AVA).

Please refer to the AVA National Website for more information about Volksmarching.